China best DTH Hammer Bits on sales
China best DTH Drill Bits on sales
About Us

  Hunan new diamond Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional engaged in the research and manufacture of drilling and pneumatic tools of modern high-tech enterprises。    The main research and manufacture of high air pressure DTH hammer, drill hole, drill pipe and drilling tools, products are widely used in engineering, mining, engineering and construction engineering, water wells, geothermal drilling municipal engineering.

   The company which covers an area of 55,000㎡,currently employs more than 300 people, including 75 senior management technicians, both with rich professional skills and management capabilities.





      The"new diamond "quality and technical level of the leading domestic and international advanced level, has become the domestic and foreign well-known brands, praised by the majority of users, products are exported to Australia, Chile, Canada, South Africa, Ethiopia, Malaysia, South Korea, Brazil, Russia, Taiwan, Hongkong.



Customer Ever Said

Thank you very much for the new diamond company. The product is great, which improves our efficiency and improves our image. -- Alcatel

The new diamond products bring great help to our work, the product design is very reasonable, thanks to customer service attentive service. -- Richard