Production Line

  Hunan new diamond Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. currently employs more than 300 people, including 75 senior management technicians, both have rich professional and technical level and management ability.

  Publicity is located in Hunan Pingjiang Yueyang Industrial Park, the size of the plant area is more than 80 acres, and put into operation in November 2013, the annual output value of more than 300 million yuan, more than 10 million yuan of profits and taxes.

Hunan New Diamond Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.


  Production and manufacturing include: blanking workshop, heat treatment workshop, machine shop, assembly workshop, packaging workshop.

Hunan New Diamond Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.


Hunan New Diamond Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.


  The company has a product exhibition hall for the manufacturing enterprises in the factory area. Welcome to visit and guide them.

Hunan New Diamond Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. 


   The product of this company are OEM production, the spot can be traded, can also develop new styles, prices can be based on the number of specific circumstances to negotiate, welcome customers at home and abroad, production or distributors welcome calls, letters negotiations, negotiation production and manufacturing etc..


   Hunan new diamond Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. has made advertisement in overseas promotion websites and suitable foreign trade net,


   Better to open up overseas markets, so that the company's products so that more people around the world know. The current customers are mainly concentrated in Oceania, Africa, the Americas, "customer first, quality first, science and technology innovation, management efficiency", Hunan new diamond with its high quality products and services to overseas customers satisfaction. Welcome advertising, foreign customers and domestic traders contact us!

Overseas product related process:

Call / mail tray - visit factory - proof reference - single sign contract- advance payment - start production - balance before completion - delivery completion transaction!


   DTH drilling tools mainly include DTH Drill, DTH Drill Pipe, DTH hammer and DTH bit. As a professional manufacturer of drilling and drilling tools for thirty years, Hunan Jingang Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. has strong technical strength and complete quality assurance system, and has many varieties, specifications and quality stability in DTH drilling tools.


    In the DTH impactor, there are DN series, DSD series, NQL series, N series, NM series, NBR series of low and medium pressure wind, NRC series of reverse circulation impactor. Oil and gas wells, wells with large aperture impact Speedmaster series.


    In terms of DTH bit, it can produce all kinds of high pressure wind and various shape requirements 1-12 inches DTH Drill, low wind pressure J series and CIR series, reverse circulation NRC series, PR4 series, PR5 series, thread drill R25 series, T38 series, T45 series, T51 series. And the independent research and development wells, drilling large diameter hole drilling, a series of pneumatic products, drilling diameter from 50mm to 998mm, drilling depth from 15m to 40m range.


    In the aspect of DTH Drill Pipe, there are various types of drill pipe, drill stem and drill pipe adapter whose diameter is from 76mm to 140mm, and the length of drill pipe varies from 1m to 9.5m. At present, all kinds of new diamond drilling tools produced by our company have risen steadily in the domestic market, and exported to Europe, America, Southeast Asia, Latin America and Africa, and products are sold all over the world.

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