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415 200mm Dia Tungsten Carbide Insert Bit For Water Well Drilling 34KG Weight

415 200mm Dia Tungsten Carbide Insert Bit For Water Well Drilling 34KG Weight

  • 415 200mm Dia Tungsten Carbide Insert Bit For Water Well Drilling 34KG Weight
415 200mm Dia Tungsten Carbide Insert Bit For Water Well Drilling 34KG Weight
Product Details:
Place of Origin: Hunan, China (Mainland)
Brand Name: New Diamond
Certification: ISO9001:2008
Model Number: 7 7/8" 415 200mm Tricone drill Bits
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: Negotiable
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: Carton packaging and wooden box packing
Delivery Time: 5-8 work days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability: According to order quantity
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Detailed Product Description
IADC Code: 415 Circulation Type: Jet Air
Pin Connection: 7 7/8" API Metric Bit Diameter: 200mm
Product Weight: 34KG Weight On Bit: 7,880-15,750Ibs
High Light:

three cone bit


roller cone drill bit

Different lithology of rock cause bit failure

Impact of formation lithology on drill bit failure Table Drilling skills today: Affect drilling speed, drill bit footage; complex processes such as well leakage, blowout, well collapse and sticking; changes in mud function; affect wellbore quality , Such as well deviation, bore diameter irregularities, thereby affecting the cementing quality. After analyzing the formation lithology and its impact on drilling skills, the rationality of bit selection and application can be judged.

Clay, mudstone and shale influence: It is easy to absorb the free water in the mud and swollen, so that the caliper decreases, forming a drill resistance, and even stuck stuck, along with the immersion moment of extension, will fall off the block, so that Well diameter expansion, constitute a well collapse. Should try to use water or low proportion of low viscosity mud drilling. Carbonaceous shale joint weak, simple collapse. Argillaceous soft layer, fast drilling speed, but also simple mud package.

Sandstone: Its nature is very different depending on the size of the particles, composition and cementing. The finer the particles, the more quartz particles, the harder the more silicon and iron cement, the more wear on the drill bit, such as quartz sandstone; the more mud cement, the more mica and feldspar the more soft Easy to drill; the more coarse particles, the less the cement, the better permeability, susceptible to the loss of mud permeability, and in the shaft wall to form a thick mud cake, resulting in sticking stuck and other complex conditions, the non-bit Normal use.

Conglomerates: prone to jump in the conglomerate rock drilling, limp drill and wall collapse; when the pump displacement is low or mud viscosity is low, the gravel particles are not easy to come back, the drill tooth body and teeth damage greater.


Limestone: usually hard, slow drilling speed, less footage. Some have stitched hole development, drilling a seam hole, it will lead to lazy drilling, venting, mud loss, etc., sometimes after the well blowout blowout. Limestone formations have a significant impact on bit penetration, ROP and bit failure. In addition, the local soft and hard intertwined, such as mudstone and hard sandstone, prone to deviation; Drilling bit in the inclined shaft easily damaged. When the rock contains soluble salts, such as gypsum layer, rock salt layer, will damage the function of mud, affecting the normal use of the drill.




Based on the calculating of the load distribution on the bearing components,all shareate bits incorporate bearings that have optimal geometry and load distribution designed to give maximum bearing life.


1. Non-Sealed Bearings

Bearing Type:Roller-Ball-Roller-Thrust Button without seal.

2. Sealed Bearings

Bearing Type:O-Ring Seal-Roller-Ball-Roller-Thrust Button. See

·The seal keeps the mud,cuttings,air and water ouside the bearings.

·The bearing works in lubricant and friction conditions,this results in less bearing wear and longer bearing life.



Please select the applicable formation and parameters according to the instructions.


Carefully check the bits appearance and to check the bits threaded end face,whether the serial number on the box and certificate.


Selection of WOB and RPM should be within the limits of the recommended parameters, higher WOB and RPM cannot be used simultaneously.


Bottom hole must be clean and bit must not be used for long section reaming.


Drilling process must operate smoothly, find that there is Bie jump on abnormal phenomenon, should be timely analysis and take effective measures


The bit should be kept indoor with dry and well ventilated conditions at 10-33℃ and kept from sunshine and rain. Stored under such conditions, quality of bit is guaranteed for 3 years.



Bit Diameter IADC Applications Special Features(Cutting Structure,Lug Protection) Weight PIN Conn Operating Suggestions WOB/RPM
Ibs KG
7 7/8” 200mm 415 Very soft formations with low compressive strengths and high drillability. Chisel on gage,conical on inner rows;Hardmetal on lug;Wear resistant carbide on shirttail lip and lug. 75 34 4 1/2” API 7,880-15,750Ibs/120-90RPM


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